Hypersexuality Disorder, Nymphomania, & Satyriasis (Sex Addiction)

I was recently chatting with a friend and was shocked to learn that this friend has a sex addicition. The first time i’d ever heard of someone allegedly having a real sex addiction was Tiger Woods. I never really considered or believed that sex addiction was a real thing. However, it is real and from what i’ve researched, it seems to stem from past sexual abuse or other mental illnesses. The clinical term for this is


37 Hypersexual Synonyms. Similar words for Hypersexual.

Hypersexuality isn’t the same as an average guy or woman who really enjoy sex. Sometimes the addiction comes with negative conseqences and affect one’s everyday life, as well as relationships.

Nymphomania versus Satyriasis

Nymphomaniacs = Hypersexual Woman

Satyriasis = Hypersexual Man

Inside Nymphomania

Hypersexuality: Is It a Bad Thing?



Some causes may be childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, as well as mental illness such as Bipolar Disorder.

For those with Bipolar Disorder, it’s a little more complex than just a sexual addiction. Check out the video below for more detail:

Those with Borderline Personality Personality (BPD) may also suffer from hypersexuality. You can read more about BPD, by reading my past blog post about this: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Hypersexuality: Is It a Bad Thing?


Hypersexuality: Is It a Bad Thing?

Do you or someone you know suffer from hypersexuality?


Great Pacific Garbage Patch & Plastic


For about two years now, I’ve started bringing my own reusable bags when I go grocery shopping. Ive also always tried my best to recycle plastic containers.  It seems like with everything going on in the world, especially with this current COVID pandemic, majority of us have forgotten about or are not aware of another big problem: Single Use Plastic. It’s really it’s own kind of epidemic. I encourage you to watch the short videos provided as well as take time to review the ways listed that we all can reduce our plastic use.

How to reduce plastic use? Different ways to do it - Iberdrola


(This may be hard to watch)






Ways to Reduce Plastic #reducewaste #plasticfree #cleanliving ...


9 ways to reduce plastic in your workplace - Posters & Postcards ...


9 ways to reduce plastic in your school - Less Plastic


What are you doing to reduce your use of plastic? Do you have any other suggestions on ways to limit its use?

Gerontophobia (Hatred or fear of the elderly) & Gerontophilia (fetish or attraction to the elderly)

So today  I wanted to post about 


which is the irrational fear or hatred of the elderly,

not to be confused with ageism

Image result for gerontophobia

 I came across this term while doing a little research for my last post ( Catoptrophobia, Eisoptrophobia, & Spectrophobia (Fear of Mirrors/Reflections)

From what I’ve read so far on gerontophobia, are those who fear old people usually have this phobia due to their own fear of aging or fear of death.

Then there are those  with gerontophobia who hate the elderly and i’m still not really sure why but I do have a couple of videos below of youtubers who speak on their hatred for old folks, as well as one video of one who fears them.

Check them out below:


Image result for gerontophobia

In contrast, there are those who have a particular fetish or attraction to the elderly. 


and I’m not gonna lie, actress Sarah Paulson came to mind while writing this, due to her relationship history with older women.

Image result for sarah paulson relationship history

But i’ll save that for another time. If you’re curious and would like more details about that, check out Sarah Paulson Still Doesn’t Get (or Care) Why People Think It’s “Fascinating and Odd” She’s Dating 74-Year-Old Holland Taylor

What do you think of those who have gerontophobia or gerontophilia? How do you personally feel about the elderly or growing old? Let me know in the comments below!

Catoptrophobia, Eisoptrophobia, & Spectrophobia (Fear of Mirrors/Reflections)


When I first heard about catoptophobia, it made no sense to me. Why did grown people of all people, suffer from this phobia? Was it their reflection they disliked seeing? Was it in any way connected to eating disorders or body dysmorphia?

After digging a litte more into this, I can now kind of understand and sympathize with those coping with these mirror phobias.

What  exactly


Catoptrophobia, Eisoptrophobia 


Spectrophobia ?

Image result for house of mirror

Spectrophobia  … Sufferers of spectrophobia can fear the breaking of a mirror bringing extreme bad luck. They can fear the thought of something frightening jumping out of the mirror or seeing something disturbing inside of it next to their own reflection when looking directly at it.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectrophobia

Eisoptrophobia – Fear of seeing yourself in a mirror

Image result for catoptrophobia definition

So, in short:

Eisoptrophobia– don’t want to see themselves in mirrors

Catoptrophobia– dont like anything reflective, including mirrors

Spectrophobia– think something or someone will jump out of mirror or appear in mirror, also superstitious

Please check out a short but very interesting video below on the “whys” of these mirror phobias:

Image result for catoptrophobia facts


Image result for spectrophobia facts

Image result for spectrophobia facts

I can’t help wondering if maybe the fear stems from childhood stories or movies, as they seemed to be based off some sort of superstition and the supernatural.



Treatment typically includes exposure therapy  and psychotherapy.


Even after the research i’ve done, I still can’t help but wonder:

  1. How these people drive (or if they drive)
  2. Do they ever use any mirrors to dress or comb their hair in the morning,
  3. Do they wear makeup?
  4.  How do they cope when they  go out to eat in restaurants where beverages are served in glass?

Do you or anyone else you know have any of these mirror phobias? Have you ever heard of it before today?  Let me know in the comments below.

3 Bizarre but Interesting Movies I’ve Watched on Streaming Services This Year

As a writer and fan of scifi/fantasy and a big fan of Black Mirror, I’m always delighted  when I discover a bizzare movie on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube or whereever.  If you’re into odd movies like I am, you can thank me later. I wasn’t a big movie watcher in the past so you may have already heard of or seen these, as these aren’t new movies. 

So without further ado, let’s get right into it. I promise not to include any spoilers for those who haven’t seen any of these and wanna check it out.

man eating chips while watching tv
Photo by Amateur Hub on Pexels.com


Image result for greener grass

Release date: October 18, 2019

Running time: 100 minutes

The film had its world premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, as a shorter film, but was then released as a longer movie in theaters.( You can watch the original short Sundance version here.)

Very Brief Summary:

Ummm….this film is very hard to explain. Long story short: everyone wears braces in this small town, a woman gives away her baby on impulse to her friend, but then regrets it and her friend refuses to give the baby back, and a boy turns into a dog.



Image result for downsize movie

Release date: December 22, 2017 

Running Time: 2h 15m

Very Brief Summary:

Imagine if you didnt have to work anymore and live a life of luxury. Only catch: being shrunken (think Honey, I shrunk the Kids but not as small as they were in that movie.) I’m pretty sure many of us would sign up. 

Well a married couple with financial problems decide to sign up to be small, but find out the downsides to being small. One more thing: The procedure is permanent.



Image result for THE CLEANSE

Release date: May 4, 2018 

Running Time: 1h 21m

Very Brief Summary:

Weird movie about a guy who joins a retreat because a woman he likes joined. Some weird stuff happens, such as all the retreaters vomiting up gremlin/furby-looking things. The creatures aren’t harmful and everyone kinda gets attached to them, until they start to get bigger. Someone dies in the movie but I won’t say who.


Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever watched any of these bizarre movies or/and if you have any others I should check out.

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My Diabetes Diagnosis (& what i’ve learned)

Image result for what is diabetes

So it’s literaly been less than a week since i’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. On Sunday, March 1st, 2020, I went to an urgent care center because I was urinating so freqently that I thought I had a UTI (urinary tract infection) I had also been feeling dizzy for the past week but thought it was nothing more than a simple case of vertigo. I thought it would be a quick visit where i’d be given a prescription for antibiotics, and be on my way.

Image result for wrong

Instead I was instructed to go straight to Baptist Hospital’s ER. And this was after the urgent care doctor conducted a few visual tests to make sure I was okay enough to drive. This would be the beginning of me changing my lifestyle. After being held for observation in the E.R. from 2pm to around 9pm, and after my shock, I began soaking up information on everything there is to know about diabetes. I took screenshot, notes, advice from others, and googled, joined several Facebook groups for diabetics, and watched educational videos on Youtube.

I wanted to share some of the information i’ve found and will be updating this post periodically with new useful information for diabetics. (Note: all of the below information, videos, suggestions etc…are from friends and family who have diabetes or know someone who reversed it)

As always, please consult with your physician before starting any changes to your diets or fitness.

First I had to start with the basics to even begin understanding about diabetes.

Image result for what is diabetes

My first call to action was working on the 50 pounds that i’d gained within the last four years. I vowed to myself to walk,jog, jump rope, or do SOMETHING at least 10 minutes a day and gradually go on to an hour a day. Because I sat down to work all day, I had to make it my business not to become complacent in resuming a sedentary lifestyle ever again.

Image result for sedentary lifestyle

Its said that 4 hours a week of working out is recommended for those who sit during work .

If anyone else out there suffer from diabetes and high blood pressre would prefer not to read the entire post, i’d strongly suggest watching this INSPIRING free hour-long video below. Trust me when I say it’s worth the time to watch it!

OKRA WATER (“Lady Finger”)

Image result for okra water for diabetes

(Some use 3-5 okra in 8 oz of water)



Image result for stress and diabetes

Stress just isn’t worth raising your glucos level or blood pressure. Seeking a mental health professional, meditation, deep breathing exercises, or having someone to vent to are just a few suggestions.


“Drinking enough water can help your body eliminate excess glucose through urine.”- Healthline.com

Get Enough Sleep

Image result for sleep and diabetes

Image result for sleep and diabetes



Image result for low glycemic index foods

Image result for low glycemic index foods


Image result for different types of intermittent fasting

Image result for intermittent fasting schedule diabetes

In conclusion

Image result for what is diabetes

Image result for water and diabetes

Recommended Read:

The  Diabetes Code (only $10.99 on Amazon)




As always, please consult with your physician before starting any changes to your diets or fitness.

Any other useful tips or inspirational stories? Comment below: