Gratitude 7/15


As stated in my previous gratitude post, I want to make it habit to take time to acknowledge everything I am grateful for.

Yesterday I thought I was having such a bad weekend. Everything seemed to be going wrong until I saw the below post on Instagram, which immediately brought me to shame and humility:


I immediately felt ashamed about my frivolous problems and began expressing gratitude for my little problems.

Below is my gratitude list for today. As stated in my previous gratitude posts, I not only list what I currently, but what’s waiting for me in my future (read more about creating your reality here)

My children

My family

My health

My luxuries

My mother

My employment

My support system(s)

My relationship with my sisters

My loyal friendships

My lavish garden

My cars

My finances

My job

My multiple streams of high profitable income

My memory

My sanity

My creativity

My abilities

My cooking

My life

My daughter’s success

My own success

My spirit guides

My fearlessness

My positive manifestations

My bed

My home

My hair

My fashion sense

The love within

My ability to save and create a fortune

My multimillion dollar business

Thank youđź’—Thank you đź’“Thank youđź’–



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