Taking a Leap of Faith

Not sure if it’s the virgo in me, but many times I find it difficult to do 3 things:

1)Be spontaneous

2)Throw caution to the wind

3)Take a leap of faith

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m a single mother and I know that my days of living for myself are long gone. I have to take account for how every decision I make can possibly affect my child.

As stated before, I’m a virgo. Virgos are planners and feel comfort in organization and routine. Like capricorns, we tend to be very responsible.

With that being said, I think leaping out on faith has been my biggest challenge this year. Worry & fear seem to always be lurking nearby to remind me of everything that could possibly go wrong.Today I have finally decided to step out on faith and offer ghostwriting services on my website. It is something I am uneasy with. What if my customer don’t like my writing style? What if I write their story and everyone think it sucks?I had been asked to ghostwrite two years ago but felt I didnt have enough experience. I have also been asked to write biographies and memoirs for non-writers. I always laughed & shrugged it off but I now see that all of those request have very well been a path leading here.

Sometimes after being still and meditating, the answers and confirmation you seek will come. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities. When in doubt, just ask aloud what it is you need to know.

The most comforting part of taking a leap of faith is knowing that your steps are guided,if you allow it. That, and also going into planning mode to help further ease any uncertainty.

Bottomline: We are all here to use our gifts to serve, raise consciousness,and help one another. Don’t be afraid to share your gift.


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