Why did it have to come to this?


A couple of months ago, I reconnected with an ex that I had broken up with 3 years ago because at the time I felt the relationship was one-sided. Sean* wasn’t romantic enough for me and was a little immature. I guess you can say I was also immature because I broke up with him via text while he was at work. To my surprise, he left work as soon as he got my text and drove all the way to my apartment; at least a half an hour drive. He begged and pleaded for me to take him back. He sent me flowers to try to convince me that he could be romantic. He wouldn’t stop calling and showed up unannounce to my place once, which kind of frightened me. I even had one of my male buddies call Sean and tell him to stop harrassing me. My friend said that after calling my ex, he felt bad for Sean! He said the whole time they were on the phone, my ex wouldn’t stop crying. At the time, I felt no sympathy towards Sean.

The actual flowers

Well, fast forward three years later. Sean and I began texting one another occasionally. I even apologized for being a bit of a bitch back then and expressed how I regretted breaking up with him because our problem was something that could have easily been fixed. Even after breaking up with me back then, he had tried to show me that he was willing to change for me. Nevertheless, Sean accepted my apology and asked if I was single. I confirmed that I was. We began to text daily.

About a couple of months after, SeanĀ  told me that he had purchased two tickets for a cruise to the Bahamas and he wanted me to go with him. I immediately said yes. My ex is an Aries. He has always been a fun person to be around, very outgoing, and has always had a youthful energy even though he’s three years older than I am.


I started noticing a few days ago that Sean wouldn’t text back after a certain time. I’m not sure why it took me so long to notice. I think it’s because i’m an author and I do majority of my writing at night, ignoring everything around me. I do not pay attention to my phone while engrossed in a book. Well, I recently finished my latest book and now had a bit of free time at night. I’d text my ex and wouldnt get a response until morning. Sean has never been an early sleeper. He likes to enjoy himself and sleep whenever he’s good and ready. I know this because he’s slept over many of nights back when we were a couple.

After three nights of being ignored, I asked him if he was dating anyone. Sean admitted he was and claimed that it was an open relationship. Not only was I not buying the bit about being in an open relationship, but I was shocked. He never struck me as the type of guy who cheated. As far as I knew, he never cheated on me. He was always up under me when were were together. And since reconnecting, Sean made it known everyday that he still loved me.

I was hurt and told him so. I asked him why had he asked me to join him on the cruise if he already had a girlfriend. His response was that he missed me. I wanted us to start over this time and try again but he wasn’t single. I ignored his texts for 24 hrs. The following day, he asked me to accompany him to a comedy show that his comedian friend would be performing at. I politely asked him to take his girlfriend instead. I would also not be accompanying him to his cruise as well.

As of 1:00pm 6/21/19, Sean has been blocked on my social media and my phone; and his number has been deleted from my contacts so that i’m not tempted to text him. As hurt as I am, I know that this is a sign that Sean Greene* wasn’t the guy for me. I would never settle for being second to another woman and those were my exact last words to him.

Why settle for less, when I can have more? Thank you, spirit guides and God for leading me out of that one.

Sayonara, Sean*.

*Names have been changed to protect the “innocent”.

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