Ugh..The “E” Word

I really hate mustering up the motivation to workout. I hate exercising …in the beginning. That is, until I build up the momentum. Then it’s easy sailing and an addiction.

My goal is to stick to no eating after 8pm and low carbs & starches as well as no sugary drinks. Just water.

I prefer jogging outside & using an app called Jog Tracker.


Ive been slacking again and need to get back in the habit of exercising not because I like it but i need to. Especially since Ive been diagnosed with clinical depression and the sunlight works wonders for depression. (So does working out). My teenage daughter has started working out with me as well. Sometimes we job outside and when it rains we use the gym in my building. I used to also jump rope too but lately i havent been motivated to.

All I know is that my exboyfriend bought tickets for us to go on a cruise in Jan and I have to make sure I look as good as I did when we were together 3 years ago. (Ive gained weight). He hasnt seen me since 3 yrs ago (I moved 4 hours away). He knows that I wanna look good for this cruise.

Welp, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Until next time…gotta go…gotta EXERCISE!


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