Who are the books about???


My stories are mostly about myself. Well at least four are:

Chikita is about the resentment I used to have for my siblings (unbeknownst to them).

Borderline is about how BPD has affected me and my dating/romantic life. (I am currently single so I am coping better these days.) I plan on writing a full blog about Borderline Personality Disorder.

Jump Off is loosely based on my experience with a man I loved in the Navy. Loosely based because unlike Justine (the main character in the story), I wasn’t whoring around, but I did feel like he played on my naivety a lot. He claims he still loves me to this day. Who really knows, though?

KoKo – The main character of this book is a video vixen by the name, Koreen “the Dream” Wilson. Her story is not based on me. However one of her friends in the story, an entertainment lawyer, is based on me. Her love interest is based off of a good friend’s long-time interest and love for me. (We have yet to hook up).

Honorable Mention:


Fed Up: Tales of Revenge – Although this book is a compilation of multiple stories of revenge. It was inspired by an ex who I allowed to wrong me in so many ways for years. Writing the book helped me in healing all of that anger and resentment I held inside for so long after our breakup.


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